Heat365 Member of the Month – November 2017

For the past seven years Carrie Phillips has been cheering on Stockton Hockey teams with enthusiasm and excitement!

In the notoriously loud area right behind the Heat attack twice goal you’ll find Carrie, her husband and two children along with their whole hockey family cheering on our boys and ready for every promotion the Heat throws at them. Carrie has described the Heat games as her “happy place” and after putting in countless hours as a teacher, she deserves her time to let off some steam and throw a few chirps at the opposing team.

Carrie is never shy and has helped to bring in many new Heat fans as well as welcome in strangers who venture into the 107/109 area. When you’re around Carrie at the games the energy and passion is infectious. Cheering is necessary, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Carrie was nominated by a number of Heat365 members specifically during our Stockton Heat Hockey Fights Cancer Game month because it hits home for the hockey family, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the 2016-17 season. She’s always been a huge supporter of the Pink Weekends with Stockton Hockey teams, routinely wearing her old Stockton Thunder pink jerseys, but now for the first time, she’ll get to enjoy Heat Hockey Fights Cancer as a survivor.

Carrie credits an early detection mammogram to saving her life and getting her the treatment she needed.

Throughout that treatment, and now that she’s currently cancer free, she has been a positive force in the fight against breast cancer, involving herself and her family in fundraising for the cause and spreading awareness and information. Many have taken notice of her efforts, and of her ‘never give up’ attitude, with one of the Heat365 members who nominated Carrie for the Member of the Month describing her as “a women with great strength and determination”.

Next time you see Carrie at a game make sure to say “Hi”! You can always see her cheering on her favorite player, Morgan “KLIMMMMAAAAHHHH” Klimchuk and even knitting during the games! We’re so lucky to have great people in our Heat365 family and we want Carrie to know that “We Fight For Her” and so many other Heat fans who have battled, or are battling cancer.


Heat365 Member of the Month – October 2017

Our Heat365 Member of the Month for October is Staci and Jimmy Rede because of their loyalty and support of Stockton Hockey!

Staci and Jimmy became Season Ticket Holders with the Stockton Thunder and were excited with the team’s transition to the AHL and have been some of the Heat’s biggest and best supporters!

Jimmy is always willing to talk to fans at the games about hockey and the Heat and Staci continuously supports those with disabilities enjoy the games.

They enjoy watching the excitement of the games, and of course seeing a big Heat victory! They both really enjoy the interaction with the players, especially when they have an opportunity to get autographs from their favorite Heat players.

The Rede’s can be found cheering on the Heat in Section 227!

Heat365 Member of the Month – September 2017

Our Heat365 Member of the Month for September is Rick Pelascki, a supporter of Stockton hockey since day one of the Thunder, a passion he’s carried through to the Stockton Heat!

Rick is a true ambassador of our sport, not only bringing plenty of new faces to games, but also introducing a new generation to the sport!  He serves as the President of the Stockton Colts organization at Oak Park Ice Arena, the travel hockey program in Stockton, and has been contributing to the growth of youth hockey in the area for years, always looking for new ways to get involved and help people find their love for hockey.

We saw his hard work play out in front of our eyes this past season, when not one, not two but three youth teams from Oak Park Ice Arena take to the Stockton Heat ice during intermissions!  Through Oak Park’s “Try Hockey Free” program, many youngesters have had the opportunity to give hockey a shot and many have gone on to play on the various Stockton Colts teams.  Rick has helped nurture a love of the sport in both young and old, and that is why he’s truly a great ambassador to our sport.

You can find Rick in Section 113, often bringing another new face out to enjoy the Stockton Heat!