Fighting in the First Season

Back at the blog, Brandon Kisker, who's plowing through the Media Guide, saw some interesting trends in fighting during the inaugural season and reports back what he's learned.

Flames Search for New Bench Boss

With news coming down from the Calgary Flames that a change will be made with the Head Coaching position with the big club, Brandon Kisker reacts to how the news was delivered by Brad Treliving and who might be the names you'll hear about in the search and ultimately, how the decision may impact the Stockton Heat.


Brandon Kisker talks about the exit interviews, how the meetings can be bittersweet and also talks about his summer plans in the latest Broadcast Blog.

Plenty to Play For

While the Heat were ousted from the postseason in heartbreaking fashion on Tuesday, a quote from Head Coach Ryan Huska struck a cord with Broadcaster Brandon Kisker, which he discusses in today's blog.

Playoff Push In Full Swing

Everyone's been can the Heat make the playoffs. Thanks to some math that Brandon Kisker swore he'd never need to use ever again while in High School, he tells you just how Stockton can get in and how they can be eliminated.

Critical March for Heat's Playoff Hopes

The Heat face a critical month of March with the standings in the Pacific Division very, very close. Read what awaits the Heat en route to a playoff push in the latest broadcast blog from Brandon Kisker

Five Hours with Calgary

Dustin Cowell breaks down the "call-up" to the big club that he, Brandon Kisker and Asst. Equipment Manager Luke Eichas all received earlier this month, as the Flames had some of the Heat staff come work an NHL game in San Jose.

A Year to Remember

A year ago today, an announcement that was made in San Jose (and later Stockton) had impacted communities in Stockton, Ontario, Bakersfield, San Jose and San Diego and has brought us the opportunity to see a higher level of hockey at Stockton Arena. Here's a look back from Brandon Kisker about the last year.