2017-18 Season

Half-Season Memberships include 20 regular season games and many of the same perks that come with the Full-Season Heat365 Membership.

Perks like exclusive events, both with the team during the season and with fans in the off-season, concierge service with your tickets, and more can be found in both Full and Half-Season Memberships.

However, if extra perks, gifts and access to special team events is something you’re looking for, you may be interested in a Full-Season Heat365 Membership, which offers an abundance of great amenities in addition to all of the Half-Season Membership perks, to keep you engaged and entertained year-round.

You can compare the differences between the two Membership options by visiting or by calling a Heat Ticket Representative at 209.373.1500.

Half-Season Membership Amenities

Ticket Exchange Policy – No Blackout Dates
Nightly Merchandise Discount of 10%
Two (2) Tickets to the Heat Preseason Game per Seat
One (1) Exclusive “Skate with the Team” Event
Inclusion in one (1)  “Meet the Team” Event
Membership Card and Inclusion in Digital Ticketing
Interest Free Payment Plans
Inclusion in Off-Season Team Events
Concierge Service to assist with Unused Tickets

If 20-games and these exclusive amenities aren’t enough to fulfill your Stockton Heat Hockey needs, explore the Full-Season Heat365 Membership, which comes with a number of exclusive benefits in addition to all of the benefits listed for Half-Season Members.  Learn more about the Full-Season Membership by visiting!

Don’t miss the fun that only Stockton Heat Hockey can deliver.  Contact the Heat today by calling 209.373.1500 or by emailing to reserve your Heat365 Half-Season Membership for the 2017-18 season!