Home games are in bold. All times are PST.

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Game #DateTimeOpponentPromotionResultTickets
Preseason 1Sat, Sept. 292:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Preseason 2Sun, Sept. 305:00 p.m.Bakersfield CondorsPreseason Party
Game 1Fri, Oct. 57:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Game 2Sat, Oct. 66:00 p.m.Ontario ReignHome Opening Night
Rally Towels Presented by the Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Heat Magnet Schedules presented by Chase Chevrolet
Game 3Fri, Oct. 127:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 4Sat, Oct. 136:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaHispanic Heritage Night
Game 5Sat, Oct. 206:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaTeacher Appreciation Night
Team Photo Giveaway Presented by Ray Morgan Company & Asvitt Photography

Exit Autographs
Game 6Sun, Oct. 213:00 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 7Fri, Oct. 267:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 8Sat, Oct. 277:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Game 9Wed, Oct. 317:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: Halloween Costumes
Game 10Sat, Nov. 36:00 p.m.San Antonio RampageStockton Heat Hockey Fights Cancer presented by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center
I Fight For Cards Presented by Ray Morgan Company

Heat Hockey Fights Cancer Magnets Presented by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center
Game 11Mon, Nov. 57:00 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 12Fri, Nov. 97:00 p.m.Ontario Reign
Game 13Sun, Nov. 113:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 14Tue, Nov. 136:05 p.m.@ Colorado Eagles
Game 15Wed, Nov. 146:05 p.m.@ Colorado Eagles
Game 16Fri, Nov. 167:00 p.m.Tucson Roadrunners
Game 17Tue, Nov. 206:05 p.m.@ Tucson Roadrunners
Game 18Wed, Nov. 216:05 p.m.@ Tucson Roadrunners
Game 19Fri, Nov. 237:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 20Sun, Nov. 255:00 p.m.San Diego GullsHeritage Night
Game 21Tue, Nov. 2711:00 a.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 22Fri, Nov. 307:00 p.m.Ontario ReignHarry Potter Night
Game 23Sat, Dec. 16:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaHip-Hop Night
Straight Outta Stockton T-Shirt Giveaway
Game 24Fri, Dec. 77:00 p.m.Manitoba Moose90’s Night
Game 25Sat, Dec. 86:00 p.m.Manitoba MooseMilitary Appreciation Night
Heat Camo Hat Giveaway
Game 26Sat, Dec. 156:00 p.m.Bakersfield CondorsSing For Santa Holiday Game
Game 27Wed, Dec. 197:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: Ugly Holiday Sweaters
Game 28Fri, Dec. 215:00 p.m.@ Iowa Wild
Game 29Sat, Dec. 225:00 p.m.@ Iowa Wild
Game 30Fri, Dec. 286:05 p.m.@ Tucson Roadrunners
Game 31Sat, Dec. 296:05 p.m.@ Tucson Roadrunners
Game 32Mon, Dec. 315:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaKid’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

Heat Bam Bam Stick Giveaway

Game 33Fri, Jan. 47:00 p.m.Tucson RoadrunnersAutism Awareness Night Presented by 51Fifty
Game 34Sat, Jan 56:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesPucks N’ Paws Western Night

Heat Bandana Giveaway

Game 35Wed, Jan. 97:00 p.m.San Diego Gulls$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: NFL Football Gear
Game 36Sat, Jan. 126:00 p.m.Ontario ReignSuper Hero and Diabetes Awareness Night Presented by Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
Caped Bag Giveaway
Game 37Sun, Jan. 133:00 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 38Wed, Jan. 166:30 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Game 39Fri, Jan. 187:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Game 40Sat, Jan. 196:00 p.m.Texas StarsTeddy Bear Toss

Girl Scout Night

Rotary Club Night

Future Farmers of America Night

Heat Rally Towel Presented by the Port of Stockton

Game 41Mon, Jan. 211:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesMartin Luther King Jr. Day Game
Mayor Tubbs Bobblehead Day
Game 42 Fri, Jan. 255:00 p.m.@ Texas Stars
Game 43Sat, Jan. 265:00 p.m.@ San Antonio Rampage
Game 44Fri, Feb. 17:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaLego Stem Night: Presented by First Community Credit Union
Game 45Sat, Feb. 21:15 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 46Fri, Feb. 86:05 p.m.@ Colorado Eagles
Game 47Sat, Feb. 96:05 p.m.@ Colorado Eagles
Game 48Wed, Feb. 136:30 p.m.@ Bakersfield Condors
Game 49Sat, Feb. 166:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesSafety Night presented by City Rise Safety

Law Enforcement Appreciation Night
BBQ Apron Giveaway Night Presented by City Rise Safety and ABC10

Game 50Sun, Feb. 175:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesHockey Week Across America
Game 51Wed, Feb. 207:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 52Sun, Feb. 245:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaHockey Week Across America
Game 53Fri, Mar. 17:00 p.m.San Diego GullsMardi Gras Night
Mardi Gras Bead Giveaway
Game 54Sat, Mar. 26:00 p.m.San Diego GullsStar Wars Night

Boy Scout Night

Heat Rally Towel Presented by the Port of Stockton

Game 55Wed, Mar. 67:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 56Fri, Mar. 87:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors70’s Night

Chamber Appreciation Night

Game 57Sun, Mar. 103:00 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 58Fri, Mar. 157:00 p.m.Tucson Roadrunners80’s Night
Game 59Sat, Mar. 166:00 p.m.Tucson RoadrunnersGreen Night on St. Paddy’s Day
Reusable Tote Bag Giveaway
Game 60Fri, Mar. 227:00 p.m.Iowa WildGame of Thrones Night
Game 61Sun, Mar. 245:00 p.m.Iowa WildStockton Ports Baseball Night
Game 62Sat, Mar. 307:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 63Sun, Mar. 313:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 64Sat, Apr. 612:00 p.m.@ Manitoba Moose
Game 65Sun, Apr. 712:00 p.m.@ Manitoba Moose
Game 66Wed, Apr. 107:00 p.m.Ontario Reign$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: College Attire
University of Pacific Takeover Night
Game 67Fri, Apr. 127:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 68Sun, Apr. 145:00 p.m.Bakersfield CondorsFan Appreciation Night
Heat Left Over Giveaway Night