Dasherboard signage surrounds the playing surface, providing continuous visibility throughout each game. Sold in pairs, each dasherboard sign is located diagonally across from the other to maximize visual exposure. Additional impressions are gained through exposure of your dasherboards in media coverage (print and television) and on the video board.


Player’s Bench:

Located directly behind the home and visiting benches, player’s bench signage is sure to catch fans attention throughout each game. Additional impressions are gained through exposure of your dasherboards in media coverage (print and television) and on the video board.


Penalty Box:

Similar to the player’s bench signage, penalty box signage is located on the glass in the home and visitor’s penalty boxes directly across from each team bench. Additional impressions are gained through exposure of your dasherboards in media coverage (print and television) and on the video board.


Under Ice Logo:

With only eight locations available, an under-ice logo is highly visible to fans during the game and in-between periods. Additional exposure will take place through television, newspaper and video board impressions as well as on the Heat website.


Season Ticketbacks:

Your message can be proudly displayed on the back of tickets printed and sent to all of our season ticket holders. Season books are distributed to all season ticket holders at the beginning of the season.


Pocket Schedules:

Pocket schedules are a key source of information for fans and include game dates, times, opponents and promotional calendars! Pocket schedules are distributed throughout Stockton and the surrounding communities.


Official Website:

The Heat website, www.stocktonheat.com, is the  perfect location for your company’s presence. With web traffic continuing to increase through improved content, features and promotions, as well as multimedia displays like photos, live audio and video feeds, stocktonheat.com is a great way to promote your business to a wide audience. Animated banners, homepage ads and pop-up advertisements are all available on www.stocktonheat.com!


Premium giveaways:

Fans love to come to Heat games, but what really creates a buzz is a free premium item. The item will feature a Heat logo and your company’s name and/or logo. Heat player trading cards, rally towels and bobbleheads are just some of the items that can provide an opportunity to create a buzz using a premium giveaway.


On-Ice Promotions:

Your company can take center-stage on the ice between periods at any one of the home games during the season. This is your opportunity to reach fans in a creative way by showcasing your product or service in a fun and interactive way.


Charitable Activities:

The Heat are committed to community support through charitable initiatives and programs. Your participation in the Heat’s charitable efforts will help us give back to our community.


Power Play:

The power play challenge is great for top-of-mind awareness and name recognition. Anytime the Heat have the “man advantage,” your business will be featured. The Power Play Challenge is promoted through public address announcements, radio, website and video board highlights.


Stars of the Game:

At the conclusion of each Heat home game, the “three stars” are selected by the media based on their contribution on the ice during the game. Your company will be recognized when those players are recognized as the “Stars of the Game” over the public address system and Heat broadcasts.


Public Announcements:

Public address announcements during home games keep fans informed of your message. Announcements are 10-15 seconds and are supported with video board graphics.


Official Status:

Heat “Official Status” is immeasurable, giving your company exclusivity in a specified product or service category. In addition, “Official Heat” can be used in all of your own marketing and sales efforts.


Group Nights:

The Heat take pride in putting together events full of family entertainment, fun, and exciting hockey action that our fans truly enjoy. The Heat have several group night packages available, with discounted tickets and more. Group nights are a great way to boost company morale, reward employees, or just bring together a large group of friends.


Custom Packages:

The Heat are always committed to benefiting our partners. As such, all of our sponsorship opportunities are tailored specifically to your needs, providing the most ideal package to meet your business objectives.

Contact Clint Eastman via email or via phone at 209-373-1509 or Dave Piecuch via email or via phone at 209-373-1508 to learn how the Heat can help promote your business.