Seating Diagram and Location Descriptions


The most exclusive seating in the arena consists of the first row surrounding the ice. Not available for individual sale.

Club Seating:

Club Seat holders enjoy additional amenities such as the exclusive Members Club Seat/Suite Level access with private entrance, Club Level Restaurant/Pub access and other perks.

Lower Premium:

Center Ice Seats, Blue Line Seats, Behind the Benches, Seats down low in the corners – whatever view you prefer, you can find them in our Premium Seating location.

Upper Premium:

Excellent view of the action with seats located between the both goals just below the suite level

Lower End Zone:

Some die-hard hockey fans claim these are the best seats in the house. A great view of play as the action develops on the ice.

Upper End Zone:

Get a bird’s eye view of the game and watch all the action develop from these upper level seats.