We’re excited to announce that at Heat home games in 2018, fans can participate in our new 50/50 Raffle!  The 50/50  raffle is a game, similar to a lottery, where fans purchase tickets in hopes of winning cash prizes, which could be upwards of $2,500 on big nights, with 50% of the entire pot going in the winner’s pocket, and the other 50% donated to the Stockton Heat Foundation (501C) or other local non-profits.

The state-of-the-art printed ticket system will print out a ticket with your numbers, and will be integrated real time in the video board and Arena TV’s.

Tickets will be sold through stationary purchasing spots at the North Entry kiosk, the Stockton Fan Attic and can be purchased from hawkers wearing bright green safety vests!

Best of luck!

All winners can contact Rob Cvetan at rcvetan@stocktonheat.com or by calling 209.373.1675!

Winners from the 2018-19 Season

DateWinning TicketTotal PotPrizeClaimed
Sep. 30, 2018A-260838$375.00$187.50YES
Oct. 6, 2018A-421280$1,435.00$717.50YES
Oct. 13, 2018A-799534$360.00$180.00YES
Oct. 20, 2018A-621157$1,145.00$572.50YES
Oct. 31, 2018A-715563$180.00$90.00YES
Nov. 3, 2018A-290643$1090.00$545.00YES
Nov. 9, 2018A-360645$460.00$230.00YES
Nov. 16, 2018A-465255$1360.00$680.00YES
Nov. 25, 2018A-302057$475.00$237.50YES
Nov. 30, 2018A-242953$720.00$360.00YES
Dec. 1, 2018A-770901$465.00$232.50YES
Dec. 7, 2018A-495386$240.00$120.00YES
Dec. 8, 2018A-435188$850.00$425.00YES
Dec. 15, 2018A-590269$475.00$232.50YES
Dec. 19, 2018A-113340$480.00$240.00YES

Winners from the 2017-18 Season

DateWinning TicketTotal PotPrizeClaimed
Jan. 19, 2018A-642087$675.00$337.50YES
Jan. 20, 2018A-672684$930.00
Feb. 2, 2018A-781962$850.00$425.00YES
Feb. 16, 2018A-465438$1240.00$620.00YES
Feb. 25, 2018A-522014$785.00$392.50YES
Mar. 3, 2018A-508783$970.00$485.00NO
Mar. 4, 2018A-280046$1080.00$540.00NO
Mar. 7, 2018A-264249$270.00$135.00YES
Mar. 11, 2018A-287787$835.00$417.40YES
Mar. 14, 2018A-115481$255.00$127.50YES
Mar. 16, 2018A-755705$940.00$470.00YES
Mar. 17, 2018A-410644$1555.00$777.50YES
Mar. 28, 2018A-461512$480.00$240.00YES
Apr. 6, 2018A-514623$885.00$442.50YES
Apr. 11, 2018A-628364$525.00$262.50YES
Apr. 14, 2018A-308016$2,555.00$1,277.50NO