academic+all+starAll-Star games are all about recognizing the best of the best, and giving them a platform to showcase their abilities on the ice. Former 1st Round Draft selection Emile Poirier is just one of the few players who achieved “All-Star” status with Calgary’s AHL organization!

However, the Heat will add many All-Stars to the franchise thanks to students who achieve high honors in school, and attain lofty academic goals. Our Academic All-Stars are just as, if not, more important than the All-Stars the team has on the ice because we value students that strive to be the best. Who knows, maybe one of these fine young men or women will be running the Heat someday!

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Being a Winner is more than just accomplishing goals on the ice or in the classroom, it’s also about being a valued member of our community off the ice or outside of the classroom. Lanny McDonald may be a Stanley Cup Champion, but he’s also there to support our community and give back to the community. Students that accomplish great feats both in and out of the classroom, merit a reward for their service to their community.

Leadership is an important quality that our captain shows every time he talks to the officials about a call, stands up for a teammate, or scores a big goal. Students who show up everyday and lead by example is what helps make others strive to do their best, and that is the truest definition of “Being a Winner”.

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be+cool+readThis program is all about promoting literacy and a love of reading! We feel that students who enjoy expanding their horizons by getting lost in a good book, deserve to be rewarded.

The “Be Cool Read!” program does just that by giving students Heat vouchers for reading a specific number of books or increasing a reading level.

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iamhereJarome Iginla seemed to always be there! The Calgary Flames leader in games played (1219) and seemed to never miss a game. The “I am Here” program is designed to reward those students who think like our players, and do their best to come to school everyday and do their best.

Even when the players suffer bumps and bruises, and days they’d rather just stay home, they always show up to work and strive to be the best they can be. Students who exemplify this quality deserve to be rewarded for their efforts of being in school and learning everyday!

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