Hockey is one of the fastest games on the planet, and if you blink, you might miss some of the hard-hitting, back-and-forth action!

As a result of the speed and pace of the play on the ice, there are certain “unwritten” rules and habits that fans across the board abide by to make sure everyone has a great time at the games! So whether you are new to the sport, or not, here are some hockey etiquette tips to make sure you, and those around you, make the most of your Arena experience!


One of the most important of these hockey etiquette rules is staying in your seat while play is in progress, and the reasoning is two fold. First, because of the speed of the game, things can change in a split second, and if you’re standing up, walking into or out of the aisles, etc… you’ll be blocking your fellow fan’s view to the game. The second part, and as important, is safety.  Pucks go flying into the stands from anywhere on the ice, and everyone must be vigilant in the event a puck comes into the stands. That is why when play on the ice is in progress, please do not return to your seat until there is a stoppage in play. Ushers will remind you of this, but please take it upon yourself to do the right thing.


One reason why the sport of hockey is so popular is because of the passion fans have for the sport, and we know our fans are ready from warmups to the final buzzer to relentlessly cheer for the Heat, and jeer the opposing team, and we love that about our fans. However, there’s certain lines that should never be crossed:

  • Never use objectionable language. There’s children present after all! Fans who use objectionable language are subject to immediate ejection from the Arena.
  • We know you are going to get up, dance, yell, scream, etc… and we want you to make as much noise as you can, but be respectful of your surroundings!
  • Lighthearted ribbing of opposing team fans is part of the game and the fun, but we should never make them feel unwelcome in our building. Fans who harass any patron, be they Heat fans or not, are subject to ejection from the Arena.
  • Whether it’s a Heat player or an opposing player, we cheer for injured players when they get up off the ice.
  • The ONLY times it is okay to throw something on the ice is during Teddy Bear Toss when fans throw bears onto the ice after the Heat’s first goal, or when a member of your Stockton Heat scores three-goals in one game! That’s called a Hat Trick and you can toss your hat on the ice! Nothing else should ever be thrown onto the ice or into the benches or penalty boxes. Anyone who does throw anything on the ice or at players, officials or other spectators will be subject to immediate ejection from the Arena in addition to any other remedy or fine or arrest as may be provided by law.
  • Whether it be some terrific Michael David or Ironstone Wine, tasty craft beer options, or some cocktails from the bar, we want you (provided you are over 21-years-old) to have fun while you’re here.  However, we ask that every adult who chooses to drink does so responsibly.  This doesn’t just mean taking an Uber to and from the arena to avoid drinking and driving, but it also includes misbehaving in the stands that could result in an ejection from the Arena.


Stockton Arena ushers are at our games for a reason, and there are lots of things they can do to make sure your experience at the games is a memorable one. They are there first and foremost to help with any questions or issues that arise during the game. Should there be a patron who is misbehaving, or if something is spilled, please alert the usher in your section (be mindful to remain in your seat until play has stopped though). Should there be any issues that you feel aren’t being solved by your usher, please find a Stockton Heat or Stockton Arena employee and alert them of the situation.


One of the beautiful things about hockey is its ability to grab the attention of kids because of the speed and physicality of the sport, but we know there will be times where kids may drift away from the game. It’s important to always know where your kids are. Remember, pucks can go into the stands so you’ll want to make sure they are protected should that happen, kids shouldn’t be running through the aisles for those same reasons. Make sure they are sitting with a parent or guardian the entire time!


The best thing about our arena is that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and they all provide a unique perspective to the action. We certainly encourage you to try different seating sections during the course of a season to find out what you like best. However, you shouldn’t be trying these sections in one game! The seats you purchased are your seats for the night as “seat jumping” is prohibited.  Plus, just because you see an empty seat doesn’t mean that the seat will remain empty so please be respectful to other fans by sitting in the seat assigned on your ticket.

Than you in advance for respecting our Hockey Etiquette. We hope you enjoy your experience and come back often!