How do I become a member?

Heat fans can sign up by visiting or by calling 209.373.1500 or emailing All Ambassadors will have to agree to and sign the Heat365 Ambassador Code of Conduct which can be signed and faxed to 209.373.1525 or emailed to

When can I sign up?
Heat365 Members can sign up at any time before or during the Stockton Heat season.

What do I do on game nights?
Ambassadors who elect to volunteer on game nights will serve as an extension of the Heat game night staff. With an understanding that the provided services are solely for the Ambassadors’ personal purpose or pleasure and without any promise or expectation of compensation, Members will assist with greeting fans on their way in and out of the Arena as well as helping with data collection, distributing giveaways on promotional nights and have an opportunity to assist in tabling around the arena.

What types of events do we volunteer for?
All volunteer services are solely for the Ambassadors’ personal purpose or pleasure and there is no expectation of compensation. Available volunteer opportunities include events which are part of the Stockton Heat community relations program to help promote and extend the visibility of the Stockton Heat brand in the Central Valley will include, not limited to: assisting in the Stockton Heat Get in the Game Reading Program, tabling at events, and Frankie/player appearances. Ambassadors will help distribute pocket schedules and “This is Heat Country” posters. Additionally, Ambassadors are welcome to help the Heat ticket staff with referrals to help grow our fan base.

Can anyone be an Ambassador?
All Heat365 Members, including Full-Season, Half-Season and Quarter-Season members can become Heat Ambassadors. All Heat Ambassadors will sign a code of conduct consistent with the expectations set for Heat staff members.

How often can I volunteer?
Ambassadors can volunteer as little or as often as they want to and are by no means required to volunteer a set number of hours or days.

What do I get in return for my Ambassador services?
Your own personal satisfaction of enjoying the benefits of giving back to the community and helping the Heat grow. Volunteer Ambassador services are not compensated in any manner.

Do I get paid?
There is no compensation nor any reimbursements for the contributions of Heat Ambassadors.

Can my services count as community service hours?
We will work with Ambassadors on a case-by-case basis to determine if these hours qualify for community service time.

What do I wear?
Ambassadors are encouraged to wear their Heat365 Jerseys, Stockton or Calgary jerseys with their Heat Ambassador lanyard.