2017 – 2018 Calgary Flames AHL Inc. DBA Stockton Heat / Stockton Arena Parking Terms and Conditions

1. The parking permit is the property of Calgary Flames AHL Inc. and Stockton Arena, and must be returned upon request.

2. Any motor vehicle parked, operated or driven within the Stockton Arena or City of Stockton parking areas shall be done so solely at the risk of the owner and operator of the motor vehicle. The City of Stockton and Standard Parking Plus, Inc., Calgary Flames AHL Inc. and Stockton Arena shall not be liable for any damage or loss occasioned to any such motor vehicle and its contents, the operator thereof, or any person unless such damage or loss has resulted from the gross negligence of an employee, volunteer, or agent of Stockton Arena, City of Stockton, Standard Parking Plus, and Calgary Flames AHL Inc. acting in the course of and within the scope of their employment.

3. Notwithstanding the above, in the event any damage or inconvenience is occasioned to or caused by reason of any motor vehicle being removed or towed away or impounded, Calgary Flames AHL Inc. City of Stockton, Standard Parking Plus, and Stockton Arena shall not be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for such damage or inconvenience. Nothing in this paragraph shall affect the liability of any independent towing contractor carrying out the removal, towing, or impoundment.

4. The operator of the motor vehicle shall observe all posted parking, traffic signage, directions from Stockton Arena Parking Attendant and the City of Stockton Traffic By-laws within the confines of the Stockton Arena parking areas.

5. In order for the full season parking permit to be valid in the North and Fremont Lots, the assigned permit must be displayed on the front dash of your vehicle on entry and throughout the duration of the event. If the parking permit is not displayed when entering the parking entrance, the motor vehicle operator will be charged the normal parking fee. To prevent the removal, towing or impoundment of the vehicle, please have the assigned permit displayed to the windshield. For control reasons, there can be no exceptions.

6. The parking permit only entitles the holder to park in the designated parking lot indicated on the permit itself or as directed by the Stockton Arena or City attendants. Calgary Flames AHL Inc., City and Stockton Arena reserve the right to reallocate designated permit holders to alternate parking areas as it deems necessary or for Stockton Ports Games or special events**.

**During game conflicts with the Stockton Ports, Heat fans may be asked to park in different lots and will be announced in advance on StocktonHeat.com. This does not change the terms and conditions of the agreement

7. Calgary Flames AHL Inc. and Stockton Arena reserve the right to utilize all parking areas to provide daily paid parking as we deem appropriate.

8. In the event the parking permit is lost or stolen, please notify the Stockton Heat Front Office at 209.373.1500. If the parking permit is lost, a non-refundable fee will be levied for the replacement of each parking permit. If the parking permit is stolen, a copy of the police report will be required for the replacement of the parking permit and to waive the non-refundable fee. Proper use of the parking pass is the responsibility of the account holder; fraudulent use of the pass will result in the immediate revocation of the parking pass and a forfeiture of the funds paid towards it.

If the terms and conditions of this contract are not agreeable, please return your full-season parking pass to the Heat Front Office by October 6, 2017 for a full refund. by keeping your pass past that date, you are agreeing to this contract.  These terms and conditions do apply for the individual game preorder passes however they do not need to be displayed on dash.  All preordered parking passes that require a hole punch can not be replaced if lost or stolen.