The Stockton Heat, Office of Mayor Tubbs and Stockton Unified School District partnered up for a new literacy program in 2017-18 with terrific results! The Get in the Game – READ!, initiative, a collaborative effort to improve literacy throughout the region.

 Mayor Tubbs poses with students who will be participating in the inaugural Reading Face-Off.

The program is based on Stockton Heat hockey players reading to students twice a month during the upcoming Heat Hockey season beginning later this month through March 21.

The challenge was out to five Stockton Unified School District schools, Fremont-Lopez Elementary, Taft Elementary, Van Buren Elementary, Monroe Elementary and Hamilton Elementary, and their second graders to dive into a good book.

The program, which was kicked off in an event back in October at Hamilton Elementary, saw 20 Stockton Heat players, read to second grade classes in those five schools and at local libraries 65 times from November to March, and the kids combined to read 15,338 books over the course of the five months.

On the Heat’s final game of the season, the team invited all of the participating schools, and their families, out to the game as a reward for their terrific accomplishment.  It was also revealed during the game that the winner of the reading face-off was Fremont-Lopez Elementary, who ran away with the win thanks to reading 5,618 books!

They received a banner to hang at the school showcasing their win, and will look to defend their title in the future challenges!

Congratulations to all of the schools for a job well done!  Every one of them got in the game!

The Stockton Heat, Office of Mayor Tubbs and Stockton Unified School District are partnering together for a new literacy program!  Stockton Heat hockey players will read to students twice a month during the 2017-18 Heat Hockey season from October through March.  Every student that participated were given free tickets to the Heat finale on April 14, where we honored the reading challenge winners, Fremont-Lopez Elementary School!

Congratulations to the Taft, Hamilton, Van Buren, Fremont-Lopez and Monroe Elementary School’s, who read over 15,000 books combined during the inaugural year of the competition.