Back for the 2020-21 season, fans who bring in new Heat365 Members – as full, half or quarter season members – will receive ‘Heat Cash’ good for Heat merchandise at the Fan Attic and concession stands around Stockton Arena during Heat home games.

The value of the reward for referrals will be determined by the package purchased by the new enrollee, good for 10-percent of the new memberships, no less than $20 or more than $500 in total for the season.

The Heat also recognize top referrers monthly on, and in-game mentions. A Referrer of the Year will be announced in March, 2020.

Heat365 is more than just season tickets, it is a way to stay connected year-round with the Heat through members-only events, perks and incentives.

For more information on the Heat365 Membership program, click here.


Q: Can I split my account and earn referral credit?
A: Accounts will receive credit as long as they match their 2019-20 season purchase value. For example, a Heat365 that drops two seats of a four-seat account and then adds one seat back will not receive referral credit.

Q: Where and when can I spend my Heat Cash?
A: Heat Cash will be valid at concession stands and at the Fan Attic inside Stockton Arena on Heat game days only, not redeemable as account credit, for jersey auctions or purchases of authentic game jerseys. No replacements will be available for lost Heat Cash and the vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. No change will be given on transactions using Heat Cash vouchers.

If you have further questions about the referral program, contact a Heat ticket executive today or text ‘REFERRALS’ to 209.373.1500.


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