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Game #DateTimeOpponentPromotionResultTickets/Watch
Game 1Fri, Oct. 157:00 p.m.TucsonOpening Weekend OTL, 1-0
Game 2Sat, Oct. 166:00 p.m.TucsonOpening Weekend W, 3-2
Game 3Fri, Oct. 227:00 p.m.@ San DiegoW, 6-2
Game 4Sat, Oct. 237:00 p.m.@ BakersfieldW, 4-2
Game 5Sat, Oct. 306:00 p.m.ColoradoTeacher Appreciation W, 6-3
Game 6Wed, Nov. 37:00 p.m.@ San JoseW, 4-1
Game 7Fri, Nov. 57:00 p.m.AbbotsfordW, 3-2
Game 8Sat, Nov. 66:00 p.m.AbbotsfordStick It to Cancer pres. by Dignity Health W, 2-1
Game 9Wed, Nov. 106:30 p.m.@ BakersfieldW, 5-4 (OT)
Game 10Fri, Nov. 127:00 p.m.HendersonW, 3-2 (SO)
Game 11Sat, Nov. 136:00 p.m.HendersonMilitary Appreciation Night OTL, 4-3
Game 12Sun, Nov. 213:00 p.m.@ OntarioW, 4-2
Game 13Mon, Nov. 227:00 p.m.@ OntarioL, 5-3
Game 14Fri, Nov. 266:05 p.m.@ ColoradoW, 3-2 (OT)
Game 15Sat, Nov. 272:05 p.m.@ ColoradoL, 5-1
Game 16Wed, Dec. 16:30 p.m.BakersfieldGame Postponed
Game 17Fri, Dec. 37:00 p.m.San DiegoFaith Night
Game 18Sat, Dec. 46:00 p.m.San Diego
Game 19Tues, Dec. 76:30 p.m.San JoseGame Rescheduled From Oct. 31
Game 20Fri, Dec. 106:00 p.m.@ Tucson
Game 21Sat, Dec. 116:00 p.m.@ Tucson
Game 22Wed, Dec. 156:30 p.m.Bakersfield
Game 23Fri, Dec. 177:00 p.m.Colorado
Game 24Sat, Dec. 186:00 p.m.ColoradoTeddy Bear Toss
Game 25Wed, Dec. 227:00 p.m.@ San Diego
Game 26Wed, Dec. 295:00 p.m.@ San Jose
Game 27Fri, Dec. 311:00 p.m.San JoseNew Year’s Eve Game
Game 28Sun, Jan. 21:00 p.m.@ San Jose
Game 29Tue, Jan. 45:30 p.m.@ Tucson
Game 30Wed, Jan. 55:30 p.m.@ Tucson
Game 31Fri, Jan. 77:00 p.m.@ San Diego
Game 32Sun, Jan. 93:00 p.m.@ Ontario
Game 33Wed, Jan. 127:00 p.m.@ Henderson
Game 34Fri, Jan. 147:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield
Game 35Sat, Jan. 157:00 p.m.Tucson
Game 36Wed, Jan. 196:30 p.m.San Diego
Game 37Fri, Jan. 217:00 p.m.Henderson
Game 38Sat, Jan. 226:00 p.m.HendersonCountry Night
Game 39Sat, Jan. 296:00 p.m.OntarioTurn Back the Clock Night
Game 40Thu, Feb. 37:00 p.m.@ Abbotsford
Game 41Fri, Feb. 47:00 p.m.@ Abbotsford
Game 42Fri, Feb. 117:00 p.m.Ontario
Game 43Sat, Feb. 126:00 p.m.OntarioStar Wars Night
Game 44Sat, Feb. 197:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield
Game 45Sun, Feb. 205:00 p.m.Bakersfield
Game 46Fri, Feb. 257:00 p.m.@ Abbotsford
Game 47Sun, Feb. 274:00 p.m.@ Abbotsford
Game 48Fri, Mar. 47:00 p.m.BakersfieldTeacher Appreciation
Game 49Sat, Mar. 56:00 p.m.San Jose
Game 50Wed, Mar. 96:30 p.m.San Diego
Game 51Fri, Mar. 117:00 p.m.@ San Jose
Game 52Sat, Mar. 126:00 p.m.San JoseFirst Responders Appreciation
Game 53Wed, Mar. 166:30 p.m.Bakersfield
Game 54Fri, Mar. 186:05 p.m.@ Colorado
Game 55Sat, Mar. 196:05 p.m.@ Colorado
Game 56Fri, Mar. 256:00 p.m.AbbotsfordLatin Celebration
Game 57Sun, Mar. 275:00 p.m.@ San Diego
Game 58Wed, Mar. 306:30 p.m.Colorado
Game 59Sat, Apr. 26:00 p.m.San Jose
Game 60Sun, Apr. 33:00 p.m.@ San Jose
Game 61Fri, Apr. 87:00 p.m.Ontario
Game 62Sun, Apr. 103:00 p.m.@ Ontario
Game 63Wed, Apr. 137:00 p.m.@ Henderson
Game 64Fri, April 157:00 p.m.@ Henderson
Game 65Sat, April 164:00 p.m.@ Henderson
Game 66Wed, Apr. 206:30 p.m.TucsonGreen Night
Game 67Fri, Apr. 227:00 p.m.AbbotsfordFan Appreciation
Game 68Sat, Apr. 237:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield