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Game #DateTimeOpponentPromotionResultTickets
Game 1Fri, Oct. 57:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield CondorsL 1-8
Game 2Sat, Oct. 66:00 p.m.Ontario ReignHome Opening Night
Rally Towels Presented by the Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Heat Magnet Schedules presented by Chase Chevrolet

OTL 5-6
Game 3Fri, Oct. 127:00 p.m.@ Ontario ReignOTW 5-4
Game 4Sat, Oct. 136:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaLatino Heritage DayL 4-6
Game 5Sat, Oct. 206:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaTeacher Appreciation Night
Team Photo Giveaway Presented by Ray Morgan Company & Asvitt Photography

Exit Autographs

L 2-5
Game 6Sun, Oct. 213:00 p.m.@ San Jose BarracudaW 3-2
Game 7Fri, Oct. 267:00 p.m.@ San Diego GullsSOW 5-4
Game 8Sat, Oct. 277:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield CondorsL 2-8
Game 9Wed, Oct. 317:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: Halloween Costumes
W 4-3
Game 10Sat, Nov. 36:00 p.m.San Antonio RampageStick it to Cancer Night presented by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center
Stick it to Cancer Cards Presented by Ray Morgan Company

Heat Hockey Fights Cancer Magnets Presented by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center

L 0-4
Game 11Mon, Nov. 57:00 p.m.@ San Jose BarracudaL 2-5
Game 12Fri, Nov. 97:00 p.m.Ontario ReignCanned Food DriveW 5-1
Game 13Sun, Nov. 113:00 p.m.@ Ontario ReignL 1-4
Game 14Tue, Nov. 136:05 p.m.@ Colorado EaglesOTW 5-4
Game 15Wed, Nov. 146:05 p.m.@ Colorado EaglesW 4-2
Game 16Fri, Nov. 167:00 p.m.Tucson RoadrunnersCoat DriveW 3-1
Game 17Tue, Nov. 206:05 p.m.@ Tucson RoadrunnersW 8-2
Game 18Wed, Nov. 216:05 p.m.@ Tucson RoadrunnersL 2-3
Game 19Fri, Nov. 237:00 p.m.@ San Diego GullsW 6-5
Game 20Sun, Nov. 255:00 p.m.San Diego GullsL 3-6
Game 21Tue, Nov. 2711:00 a.m.@ San Jose BarracudaL 2-4
Game 22Fri, Nov. 307:00 p.m.Ontario ReignHarry Potter Sock Toss NightW 4-2
Game 23Sat, Dec. 16:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaHip-Hop Night
Straight Outta Stockton T-Shirt Giveaway
L 4-6
Game 24Fri, Dec. 77:00 p.m.Manitoba Moose90’s Night
Toy Drive
L 1-2
Game 25Sat, Dec. 86:00 p.m.Manitoba MooseMilitary Appreciation Night
Heat Camo Hat Giveaway
OTW 3-2
Game 26Sat, Dec. 156:00 p.m.Bakersfield CondorsSing For Santa Holiday GameL 0-1
Game 27Wed, Dec. 197:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: Ugly Holiday SweatersOTL 2-3
Game 28Fri, Dec. 215:00 p.m.@ Iowa WildOTL 7-8
Game 29Sat, Dec. 225:00 p.m.@ Iowa WildW 5-1
Game 30Fri, Dec. 286:05 p.m.@ Tucson RoadrunnersL 2-5
Game 31Sat, Dec. 296:05 p.m.@ Tucson RoadrunnersW 3-2
Game 32Mon, Dec. 315:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaKid’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

Heat Bam Bam Stick Giveaway

L 5-6
Game 33Fri, Jan. 47:00 p.m.Tucson RoadrunnersAutism Awareness Night Presented by 51FiftyL 5-7
Game 34Sat, Jan 56:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesPucks N’ Paws, Cowboy & Western Agriculture Night

Heat Bandana Giveaway

W 7-6
Game 35Wed, Jan. 97:00 p.m.San Diego Gulls$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: NFL Football GearL 4-7
Game 36Sat, Jan. 126:00 p.m.Ontario ReignSuper Hero and Diabetes Awareness Night Presented by Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
Caped Bag Giveaway
OTW 6-5
Game 37Sun, Jan. 133:00 p.m.@ San Jose BarracudaL 1-2
Game 38Wed, Jan. 166:30 p.m.@ Bakersfield CondorsL 2-4
Game 39Fri, Jan. 187:00 p.m.@ Bakersfield CondorsOTL 4-5
Game 40Sat, Jan. 196:00 p.m.Texas StarsTeddy Bear Toss

Girl Scout Night

Rotary Club Night

Future Farmers of America Night Presented by California Welding Supply

Heat Rally Towel Presented by the Port of Stockton

W 4-2
Game 41Mon, Jan. 211:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesMartin Luther King Jr. Day Game
Mayor Tubbs bobblehead giveaway presented by Visit Stockton
SOL 1-2
Game 42 Fri, Jan. 255:00 p.m.@ Texas StarsL 4-5
Game 43Sat, Jan. 265:00 p.m.@ San Antonio RampageOTW 4-3
Game 44Fri, Feb. 17:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaLego Stem Night

Teacher Appreciation Night

L 4-6
Game 45Sat, Feb. 21:15 p.m.@ San Jose BarracudaL 2-4
Game 46Fri, Feb. 86:05 p.m.@ Colorado EaglesL 2-4
Game 47Sat, Feb. 96:05 p.m.@ Colorado EaglesW 6-2
Game 48Wed, Feb. 136:30 p.m.@ Bakersfield CondorsL 1-4
Game 49Sat, Feb. 166:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesSafety Night

Law Enforcement Appreciation Night
BBQ Apron Giveaway Night Presented by ABC10

Game 50Sun, Feb. 175:00 p.m.Colorado EaglesHockey Week Across America
Game 51Wed, Feb. 207:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 52Sun, Feb. 245:00 p.m.San Jose BarracudaHockey Week Across America
Game 53Fri, Mar. 17:00 p.m.San Diego GullsMardi Gras Night
Mardi Gras Bead Giveaway
Game 54Sat, Mar. 26:00 p.m.San Diego GullsStar Wars Night

Boy Scout Night

Heat Rally Towel Presented by the Port of Stockton

Game 55Wed, Mar. 67:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 56Fri, Mar. 87:00 p.m.Bakersfield Condors70’s Night

Chamber Appreciation Night

Game 57Sun, Mar. 103:00 p.m.@ San Jose Barracuda
Game 58Fri, Mar. 157:00 p.m.Tucson Roadrunners80’s Night
Game 59Sat, Mar. 166:00 p.m.Tucson RoadrunnersGreen Night on St. Paddy’s Day presented by Covanta Energy
Reusable Tote Bag Giveaway
Game 60Fri, Mar. 227:00 p.m.Iowa WildGame of Thrones Night
Game 61Sun, Mar. 245:00 p.m.Iowa WildStockton Ports Baseball Night
Game 62Sat, Mar. 307:00 p.m.@ San Diego Gulls
Game 63Sun, Mar. 313:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 64Sat, Apr. 612:00 p.m.@ Manitoba Moose
Game 65Sun, Apr. 712:00 p.m.@ Manitoba Moose
Game 66Wed, Apr. 107:00 p.m.Ontario Reign$1 Beer Night/Wear It Wednesday: College Attire
University of Pacific Takeover Night
Game 67Fri, Apr. 127:00 p.m.@ Ontario Reign
Game 68Sun, Apr. 145:00 p.m.Bakersfield CondorsFan Appreciation Night
Heat Left Over Giveaway Night