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Game #DateTimeOpponentPromotionResultTickets/Watch
Game 1Fri, Oct. 46:05 p.m.@ ColoradoW 5-2
Game 2Sat, Oct. 56:05 p.m.@ ColoradoW 4-2
Game 3Sat, Oct. 126:00 p.m.San DiegoHome Opening Night
Rally Towel giveaway courtesy of the Port of StocktonU-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
W 5-3
Game 4Tues, Oct. 157:00 p.m.Bakersfield15th Anniversary Celebration L 2-6
Game 5Fri, Oct. 187:00 p.m.@ San DiegoW 5-1
Game 6Sat, Oct. 197:00 p.m.@ BakersfieldW 4-3
Game 7Fri, Oct. 257:00 p.m.BakersfieldFlash Back Friday
Teacher Appreciation Night
SOL 2-3
Game 8Sat, Oct. 267:00 p.m.@ BakersfieldW 6-3
Game 9Fri, Nov. 17:00 p.m.San JoseFlash Back Friday
SOW 3-2
Game 10Sat, Nov. 26:00 p.m.TucsonStick it to Cancer Night presented by Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center
Stick it to Cancer t-shirt giveaway
U-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
OTL 3-4
Game 11Fri, Nov. 86:05 p.m.@ TucsonSOL 2-3
Game 12Sat, Nov. 96:05 p.m.@ TucsonL 7-6
Game 13Mon, Nov. 111:00 p.m.San DiegoVeteran’s Day GameW 6-3
Game 14Fri, Nov. 157:00 p.m.TucsonHarry Potter Sock Toss Night
15th Anniversary Celebration
Flash Back Friday
Dillon Dube bobblehead giveaway
U-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
L 2-5
Game 15Sat, Nov. 166:00 p.m.San JoseCanned Food Drive: Donate 2 Cans for 1 Free TicketW 3-2
Game 16Thurs, Nov. 2110:30 a.m.@ BakersfieldOTW 4-3
Game 17Sat, Nov. 237:00 p.m.@ San DiegoW 4-1
Game 18Wed, Nov. 277:00 p.m.@ OntarioW 8-5
Game 19Fri, Nov. 296:05 p.m.@ ColoradoL 2-5
Game 20Sat, Nov. 306:05 p.m.@ ColoradoOTW 5-4
Game 21Wed, Dec. 47:00 p.m.OntarioL 2-3
Game 22Sat, Dec. 76:00 p.m.BakersfieldMilitary Appreciation Night
Military Hat Giveaway
Coat Drive
Navy-themed military cap giveaway
W 7-3
Game 23Wed, Dec. 117:00 p.m.@ OntarioOTW 3-2
Game 24Sat, Dec. 141:15 p.m.@ San JoseW 3-2
Game 25Sun, Dec. 155:00 p.m.San Jose15th Anniversary Celebration W 5-2
Game 26Wed, Dec. 187:00 p.m.IowaOTL 3-4
Game 27Sat, Dec. 217:00 p.m.@ San DiegoSOL 3-4
Game 28Fri, Dec. 271:15 p.m.@ San JoseW 8-1
Game 29Sat, Dec. 287:00 p.m.@ BakersfieldL 3-4
Game 30Tues, Dec. 315:00 p.m.San JoseKid’s New Year’s Eve CelebrationW 4-0
Game 31Fri, Jan. 37:00 p.m.OntarioFlash Back Friday W 6-3
Game 32Sat, Jan. 46:00 p.m.OntarioL 1-2
Game 33Wed, Jan. 87:00 p.m.BakersfieldW 4-2
Game 34Sat, Jan. 111:15 p.m.@ San JoseW 2-0
Game 35Sun, Jan. 123:00 p.m.@ San JoseW 2-1
Game 36Wed, Jan. 157:00 p.m.San Diego15th Anniversary Celebration L 1-4
Game 37Fri, Jan. 177:00 p.m.@ OntarioL 1-5
Game 38Sat, Jan. 186:00 p.m.ColoradoTeddy Bear Toss
Devan Dubnyk Stockton Thunder bobblehead giveawayU-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
L 3-4
Game 39Mon, Jan. 201:00 p.m.ColoradoW 5-0
Game 40Fri, Jan. 247:00 p.m.OntarioFlash Back Friday OTL 3-4
Game 41Sat, Feb. 16:00 p.m.BakersfieldW 4-1
Game 42Sat, Feb. 84:00 p.m.@ IowaL 2-5
Game 43Sun, Feb. 91:00 p.m.@ IowaL 4-7
Game 44Wed, Feb. 127:00 p.m.@ San JoseOTW 4-3
Game 45Fri, Feb. 147:00 p.m.OntarioFlash Back Friday L 3-6
Game 46Sat, Feb. 156:00 p.m.TucsonSafety and Law Enforcement Appreciation Night Presented by Aurora Collision Center
15th Anniversary Celebration
Rasmus Andersson Bobblehead Giveaway presented by Aurora Collision Center
U-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
SOW 4-3
Game 47Mon, Feb. 171:00 p.m.San DiegoPresidents’ Day GameOTW 3-2
Game 48Wed, Feb. 197:00 p.m.@ San DiegoL 2-3
Game 49Fri, Feb. 216:05 p.m.@ TucsonOTL 2-3
Game 50Sat, Feb. 226:05 p.m.@ TucsonW 4-1
Game 51Fri, Feb. 287:00 p.m.San DiegoFlash Back Friday
L 2-4
Game 52Sat, Feb. 296:00 p.m.IowaLodi Wine Night L 0-2
Game 53Fri, Mar. 67:00 p.m.BakersfieldFlash Back Friday W 3-2
Game 54Sat, Mar. 77:00 p.m.@ BakersfieldSOL 3-4
Game 55Tues, Mar. 107:00 p.m.San JoseL 4-7
Game 56Sat, Mar. 146:00 p.m.ColoradoAHL Play Suspended
Game 57Sun, Mar. 155:00 p.m.ColoradoAHL Play Suspended
Game 58Wed, Mar. 187:00 p.m.@ OntarioAHL Play Suspended
Game 59Fri, Mar. 207:00 p.m.@OntarioAHL Play Suspended
Game 60Sat, Mar. 217:00 p.m.@ San DiegoAHL Play Suspended
Game 61Wed, Mar. 256:30 p.m.@ BakersfieldAHL Play Suspended
Game 62Sat, Mar. 286:00 p.m.OntarioStar Wars Night
U-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
AHL Play Suspended
Game 63Sun, Mar. 295:00 p.m.San DiegoAHL Play Suspended
Game 64Wed, Apr. 17:00 p.m.@ San DiegoAHL Play Suspended
Game 65Sat, Apr. 41:15 p.m.@ San JoseAHL Play Suspended
Game 66Sun, Apr. 55:00 p.m.San JoseAHL Play Suspended
Game 67Wed, Apr. 87:00 p.m.@ OntarioAHL Play Suspended
Game 68Fri, Apr. 107:00 p.m.TucsonFlash Back Friday
Fan Appreciation Night
Stockton hockey all-time team photo giveaway
U-Party at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
AHL Play Suspended