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See what Stockton Heat players and Calgary Flames prospects have been up to since the end of the season!

Exit Interviews: Austin Carroll

Austin Carroll chatted with Heat TV about his year in Stockton, what he learned from playing alongside the Heat's leadership group, and his annual off-season trip.

Austin Carroll

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A Legacy of Hope

Austin Carroll has spent 20-years building houses for less fortunate families in Mexico. He continues to do it not only because he enjoys giving back, but to also carry on a family legacy.

Exit Interview: Austin Carroll

"I like to give back to the community as much as I can. The fans in Stockton have been very supportive, so it's nice to give back." - Austin Carroll

HEAT TV: Austin Carroll's Exit Interview

Listen as Austin Carroll takes us through his first pro season, including his first pro goal in San Diego, how the biggest adjustment from juniors to pros came off the ice, and his postseason visits to Los Angeles and Arizona.