Strength & Conditioning Coach

Alan Selby is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Exercise Physiologist entering his third season with the Calgary Flames AHL affiliate. After completing his undergrad in Kinesiology he went on to complete a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary. While attending the University of Calgary he gained experience working with world class athletes in the performance testing lab and learning from some of the nation’s best strength coaches at the Olympic Oval.

Since completing his degree, Alan has spent years working with pro hockey players in the private setting as well as with the former AHL club in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Prior to his time with the Heat, Alan most recently held the position of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hill Academy, an independent school for dedicated student athletes where he was part of their historic undefeated season which brought them to the number 1 rated lacrosse school in North America.

Alan believes in an evidence-based approach to training and ties in the art of coaching with his scientific background to best-service the athletes he trains. His training philosophy is simple. Identify, assess and progress; meaning that we need to know what matters to an athlete or sport, measure what matters through assessments both performance and movement based and change what matters. Athletes must train hard, train smart, and stay consistent.