Community Relations Executive 
Phone: 209-373-1504


Favorite Non-hockey sports team: Boston Red Sox


Coffee or soda: Soda

Most memorable sports game you’ve attended:
 Duke at Wisconsin (basketball), 2009

Favorite Song: 
Perfect by Ed Sheerhan

Dream Dinner Guest:
 My wife 🙂

Dream Job would be: 
President of the United States of America

Tom Hager joins the Stockton Heat as rookie for the 2021-2022 season, serving as the new Community Relations Executive. He is the co-founder and owner of, a website that features first-person stories from players and coaches. That website featured 65 different testimonies, and reached over 1.1 million views before taking a job with the Seattle Mariners. That job was impacted by Covid-19, but now he is back in the sports industry by serving as the Heat’s link to Stockton’s non-profit organizations.
Hager is also the author of “The Ultimate Book of March Madness” which was a 368-page anthology of the NCAA Tournament. The book had two sections: one was a year-by-year look at the champion of each tournament, and the other was on the 100 greatest games of all time. The book took two years to write and his research included 187 interviews with former players and coaches.
He has also served as the Washington State beat writer for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, and as a ticket sales associate for the Colorado Rockies. The Green Bay, WI native lists his faith and his wife as the biggest influences in his life. You can usually find Hager watching Red Sox games and wearing a smile on his face.